Andy Whallon for Congress
Leadership for District 47



Why I'm Running

Andy Whallon for US Congress, California's 47 Congressional District

My guiding principle is this: all human interactions should be voluntary and it is the government's job to protect us from anyone who would use violence (including the threat of violence) or fraud.  Any action that doesn't involve one person violating the rights of others, should be legal, and the government should stay out of our lives unless there is reasonable cause to think that we might be violating the rights of others.

Specifically this means:

1.  We must stop any attempts by the NSA or the DEA or any other governmental agency to record all your phone calls including the metadata (who you called, when you called, how long the call was, where you where etc.), 
read all your email, or track all your web browsing

2.  Our government must recognize your right to use any kind of light bulb you want,
 eat as much fat as you want, drink as much soda as you want, use a disposable grocery bag if you want, and to fully reap the rewards of your good choices and fully suffer the consequences of your bad choices.

3.  We need to start unwinding the war on drugs, beginning with marijuana.  Drug laws don't prevent anyone who wants pot from getting it, but they do make it possible for the most vicious and anti-social among us to earn a very good living.  Drug laws undermine the social fabric of our inner cities, and provide the funding for virtually all gangs, just as they did during prohibition.  What you put in your body is your own business, and the consequences are your own responsibility.

4.  Stopping the Obama administration from using the IRS as a political weapon.  

5.  End civil asset forfeiture 
whereby the government can seize someone's property without ever charging them with a crime or having to go before a judge to justify their actions.

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