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Why I'm Running

Andy Whallon for US Congress, California's 47 Congressional District

I’m Andy Whallon your Congressional Candidate for the 47th District on a mission to help restore America to greatness.  I ‘m not a politician but a hands-on independent thinker who will seek viable solutions for this district’s toughest challenges:

  1. Healthcare and access to choice
  2. Solving Human Rights violations and Human Trafficking at home and abroad
  3. Insuring public safety and law enforcement is provided to our communities
  4. Fighting poverty with better jobs and education

For our Congressman we need an outspoken advocate and voice for those who cannot help themselves. Someone who will stand in the gap.  

We should be responsibly shrinking government, allowing people to work so we’re putting people before politics with an open, candid, transparent, and accountable government. 

Washington has forgotten that basic American freedoms are what made the “American Dream” possible. It is also what makes America great.  

As an engineer, I solve problems in a focused and pragmatic way. In Congress, I will attack problems seeking solutions until they are solved. We must work together because it’s the right thing to do.

Contact me at (562) 548-0202, or go to the issues page on this website for more information.

Together, we can make a difference. If you care as much about the 47th Congressional District as I do then you’ll vote for me Andy Whallon, November 01, 2016, our country and community depends on it.


On Sunday September 28th, 2014 I was interviewed on the Southern California Political Round-up with John Stammreich and Matt Kauble (interview starts 13 minutes 40 seconds into the program) ... 


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